About China

There are many books, articles, studies which argue why do business in the People’s Republic of China, and it would be barely impossible to mention them all, therefore let’s look at this aspect in brief:

  • China is considered as the 2nd economy in the world, however to some sources it is considered already number 1. China has over 30 years of experience the highest growth rate of GDP in the world (approx. 8% per annum)
  • The biggest reserves have reached at the end of 2011 and 3.2 trillion dollars continue to grow at the rate of 150-200 billion dollars a quarter.
    China is considered as the factory of the world (a leading position in the production of steel, coal, electrical appliances, mobile phones, computers and other).
  • China is a leading importer and exporter (exports and imports growth is of the order of 20-30% per year).
  • The huge internal market and competition (potential of this market !!!) China is the recipient of mainly raw materials (including food), technology (mainly capital goods) and luxury goods. Through the changing eating habits, increase in living standards, and annual population growth of 80 million – creates China as a great potential for European high quality products.