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About us

G&K Asia Invest is a holding company operated by professionals with extensive experience, we serve as a connecting bridge between Central East Europe, Hong Kong and China. Acting as a facilitator, we offer consulting services for potential investors from both of these regions wishing to expand and strengthen their position and relations.


We offer comprehensive services in logistics (forwarding, customs, warehousing and consolidation), as well as through our highly qualified staff we organize Quality Controls and Audits. We provide necessary guidance in Asia and Europe to avoid any potential business mishaps, through locating and selecting proper partners, factories and production sites across the globe, where we manufacture apparel at selected partner factories.


We connect the world, through our extensive experience in the heavy industries we enable success in trade and logistics. We provide most advances and profitable solutions in the railway industry, making our long term cooperation with State-Owned Railways around the world thrive.

Our unique expertise in the energy sector enabled us to carry out and finish power plant and renewable energy projects in Western Europe together with our partners from Germany and Switzerland.