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The high degree of environmental pollution with solid traditional and spectacular failures of nuclear power plants resulted in a strong return on the global energy industry towards renewable energy sources, in particular towards biomass. It is estimated that in the next few years the majority of nuclear power plants in Europe will be blanked in favor of biomass power plants. This situation caused the deficit mean biomass markets , which as far as increasing the number of biomass power will continue to increase.

G&K ASIA INVEST (HK) LTD is a reliable business partner, providing comprehensive services to the biomass trade, both in CEE and Asia. Our business is based on prompt deliveries of high-quality commodities from Global markets. A team of professionals, who are  highly-experienced in the renewable energy sources industry, are dedicated in detailed and checked deliveries to every transaction, according to the laws and regulations of given country.

Our advantages:

Biomass of the highest quality

delivered with respect to appropriate physico-chemical parameters from checked sources from Asia, Poland and Belarus

Prompt deliveries

delivery according to set delivery schedules,


a team of experienced and ready to act specialists is at your service from the implementation of the project to its end.

Comprehensive transport organization

producer, possible sea freight forwarding, road or rail transportation and cooperation with larges cargo forwards

We provide forest and agro biomass to the biggest power groups in Poland and to individual buyers.

  • Energy industry – our biomass deliveries comply with specific physico-chemical parameters, as well as the full documentation that is required (certificates of origin, biodegradability, fumigation, quality, etc.)
  • Tailor made demand – G&K ASIA INVET (HK) LTD is open to cooperation with biomass producers, forwarders, traders and other entities in common ventures for satisfying the local housing energy demand in Central Estern Europe.

We have gained experience in providing Energy Sector in Poland with the supply of biomass:

  • PKS (Palm Kell Shell) – origin Asia Pacific
  • Wood Chips – origin Belarus