About Poland and Central Eastern Europe

Advantages for doing business in Poland and Central Eastern Europe

Strategic geographical location – situated in the very heart of Europe, it is a crossword of the West and East culture. Poland is the crossing of the most important transport routes and connects the EU with the states of Eastern Europe.

Part of the European Union – making Poland an attractive partner for foreign investors; due to no borders policy, freedom of commerce, free movement of persons, services, goods and customs.

Stable economic growth – due to its strong economy based on firm foundations, Poland was the only country within the European Union to avoid negative economic growth in the recent 2008 recession. In the last 4 years the GDP of Poland increased ca. 18%.

The large internal market of 38 million people – a hospitable and diligent society,  along with a well-educated society (currently there are around 2 million students enrolled in over 450 Polish universities, and the number of graduates entering the labor market exceeds 400,000)

Investment incentives – 14 Special Economic Zones in Poland, businesses which decide to commerce investment in the territory of a SEZ are offered a wide range of investment incentives, such as the tax exemption, well-prepared and improved ground, strategic location, know – how, support from the government authorities.

Well-developed infrastructure –13 airports, new railway lines and stations, new highways and road and much more were the result of Poland’s hosting European Football Championship in 2012. There is also ca. 6 million sq. m. of modern office spaces in 9 main Polish cities. Poland has also good warehouse facilities, suitable for logistical centers and a very modern and highly developed hotel base.

Skilled employees – Polish engineers, economists, scientists  are worldwide recognized specialists, while the Polish IT specialists are winners of many international individual and group tournaments, some are best computer programmers.

Beautiful natural landscapes and tourist attractions – in the north Poland has access to the see (with 4 main ports: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Świnojuscie, Szczecin), to the south great – picturesque mountains, and the Masuria (Polish lake district) in the middle – which was one of the 28 finalists in the world contest for the new seven wonders of nature.