About us

G&K Asia Invest is a holding company operated by professionals with extensive experience, we serve as a connecting bridge between Central East Europe, Hong Kong and China. Acting as a facilitator, we offer consulting services for potential investors from both of these regions wishing to expand and strengthen their position and relations.

We offer comprehensive services in logistics (forwarding, customs, warehousing and consolidation), as well as through our highly qualified staff we organize Quality Controls and Audits. We provide necessary guidance in Asia and Europe to avoid any potential business mishaps, through locating and selecting proper partners, factories and production sites across the globe, where we manufacture apparel at selected partner factories. G&K ASIA INVEST(HK) LTD is responsible for selecting right associates in given business ventures through scrutinizing verification, experience and long term perspectives. We serve as a bridge in finding potential customers both in Asia and Europe, and we are here to represent Your interests.

Our management team operates in English, Chinese, Polish, German and Russian. Through this structure, we are in the perfect position to assist in trade, promotion and further business between the Asian and European regions. Our company is involved in several Trade Industries with a long track of successful operations, i.e. Energy Resources (Biomass, Green Energy both solar and wind, as well as Rapeseed and Crude Oils), Electronics (smartphones, laptops, computers, lightning, etc…), Food (Fruits, Vegetables,  Meat and Milk products), Agriculture (Grain, Wheat and Fertilizers), Fashion (Cloths and Textiles) where we offer years of experience in serving Europe’s top clothing designers, such as Pierre Cardin, Gabicci, Bugatti (we manufacture our clients designs in verified factories in China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia). Our German engineers have developed a network of tested and trusted factories in China and the Asia-Pacific region, with this in mind we purchase selected items and manufacture high quality, sophisticated goods, i.e. OEM products, often tailor made to customer specifications.

Alongside our Hong Kong company, we have representative branches in China and Europe, which allows us to serve both western and east Europe as well as CIS countries, where we have widespread network.


G&K is unique due to our extensive experience and client base in CEE & South East Asia. These regions are very exciting, not least because of the recent promising macroeconomic performance of countries such as Poland and China. With CEE countries continuously developing, they start figuring prominently alongside China as the top investment destinations amongst investors. At the same time, the direct connections between the regions remain scarce, albeit with a growing trend.

Not only do we have representative offices both in China, Hong Kong, Poland and Eastern Europe, but also have excellent client and partner networks in these destinations.  Our successes in logistics and trade ventures perfectly positions our company as a facilitator between the regions, in various investment opportunities.

Client testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
G&K Asia Invest helped our company enter the Asian market, they have presented their strategy and supported their claims - which at the end of the day, proved to be right. Our company has grown substantially that is why we highly recommend a G&K as an experienced and reliable partner.
We have been working with G&K for eight years so far and learned that truly our goals are the same, develop, gain market share, and build a strong and sustainable business model. Through the experience in the local market, we saved on logistics, management and production costs, couldn't do it without you G&K, Thank you!!!

Our mission

We offer you an alternative to the “remote control” strategy of managing your business in China, the Asia-Pacific or European region. Too many times have we seen investors disappointed with their entry into the Asian market, struggling to manage it from afar, lacking success at establishing efficiency, fraught with misperceptions about the Asian or the European market. The truly effective strategy is to make use of more control and supervision to handle your investment. This, however, can be costly and unproductive without the necessary experience on the market.

Eyes and ears in Asia

We are on site being your eyes and ears. Through local presence we can act, react and solve any arising issues in real time providing comfort and saving costs for our clients who often work in a different time zone.

Market intelligence

We keep a close eye on the commercial market, gather data that allow determining future developments and trends. We constantly observe the market growth rates and analyze competitor strategies to help better adapt and prepare for market changes for our clients.

Managerial mishaps

No matter how small the mishap cost seems at first, sometimes it will lead to greater mishaps in the future. Our managerial team educates and shares our knowledge with our partners in order to save time and future costs.

Right partners

The right partner is the key to long term success, only when both sides are satisfied and see opportunities that working together will bring more good than working alone - we know that we have fulfilled our mission.

Right factories

There are many factors that determine a reliable factory. Selecting the right factory is a very complex process supported by past experience, audit, research, analysis, technical background, finance, R&D as well as Managerial Team In order to satisfy our client's sometimes unique requirements, we only work with fully approved and verified manufacturers.

Trading experience

Exceptional trade experience allows us trade around the world, saving time and money for our clients. We have gathered experience from more than five continents We have learned that with time with a combined effort from our professional team, we stay away from potential investment mishaps and trade only with supporting evidence that we are on the win-win situation at the end of the day.

Our philosophy

In Chinese: “China” means the centre of the world. Economically, China today is living up to that meaning, drawing to its borders increasingly more individuals and companies pursuing their fortunes. G&K and its core values can be captured in three adjectives: competent, experienced and reliable. Each of our department are managed by specialists in that particular field. Our competencies revolve around law, engineering, economics, logistics, as well as linguistics. Our management team operates in English, Chinese, German, Polish and Russian. Our managing staff has decades of experience working in Asia, western and eastern Europe, as well as CIS countries. The long history of our business partnerships with some of the markets leading brands stands as a testimony to our reliability and quality consistency.

Hong Kong stands as a gateway to China and serves as a central hub for doing business in Asia and Asia Pacific region, with a developed infrastructure of traders, investors, producers and clients. G&K operates and is used to substantially higher quality standards though qualified personnel of European individuals combined with experience of the Asian practices to facilitate growth and development to our partners.